Breast Enlargement Exercises That Really Work

If you are a woman that wants to increase your breast size, there are many simple exercises you can do at home or in the gym that will accelerate your breast enlargement journey. You may not be able to fight your genetics but you can certainly make the best of what you have.

Body Weight Exercises for Breast Enlargement

The most basic exercise for breast enlargement is pushups – standard, boring and often dreaded, pushups. When completing this exercise, make sure you maintain proper form so that you get the most benefit. Keep your back straight and your hands directly down from your shoulders. Do as many as you can with proper form, then take a break, and then do another set. Do this one to three times a day, making it a game to do more each day than you did the previous day. Be sure to let yourself have a couple rest days a week to let your muscles heal.

Wall pushups are also great for building chest muscles under the breast area. To do these, you simply complete a pushup against the wall instead of the floor. It is that simple. This exercise is much easier than a normal push up and you should be able to complete more reps. If you’re really out of shape this is also a great way to work up to a standard pushup.

Gym Exercises Bring Quick Results

At the gym, any equipment that has the word “chest” in the exercises you can do on it is ideal. Gym exercises also have the benefit of adding weights to the exercise. This is the best way to build muscle quickly, but it is very important that you let your muscles heal if you are using weights as part of your exercise routine. It won’t be long before you start to feel stronger and notice your breasts seem more lifted and defined than they did before you started working out. The stronger you are the more defined the area will be.

Free Weights at Home Exercises

At home you can use free weights to complete exercises such as chest flies. To do this exercise, grab your hand weights and lie on the floor on your back. With a weight in each hand, extend your arms straight over your shoulders, then outward towards the floor, without actually touching the floor with your arms, and keeping your arms in line with your chest, not above or below. Bring your arms back up slowly; this is the part that is going to give you the most benefit. Try to do three sets of as many reps as you can, building the number you can do each day you complete the exercise.

Another excellent exercise using free weights is reverse rowing

This exercise will work your legs, the backs of your arms, and your chest all at the same time. With a weight in each hand, stand in a squat position with your arms to your side, elbows bent slightly. Now pull your hands and arms back and up while keeping your back straight and maintaining the same bend in your elbow. Repeat as many as you can. It may sound easy but you will find that you are sore the next day if you do them properly and push yourself as you should.